October 13, 2015


F -4.18%

Ford (F): $15.13 (-$0.66) (-4.18%) A company announcement this afternoon that the 2014 Ford Explorer would feature only one cubic foot of trunk space triggered panic among investors.

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Woman Stalked Across 8 Websites By Obsessed Shoe Advertisement

LAWRENCEVILLE, GA—Expressing her growing unease at repeatedly spotting the same picture and text lurking in the corners of her favorite webpages, local woman Laura Spelman confirmed Monday that she has been stalked across eight different sites by an obsessed Nine West shoe advertisement.

Mom Packs Encouraging Note In Own Lunch

GREENSBURG, IN—In an effort to brighten her afternoon and get herself through the tough first day of another week, area mother and account manager Anna Claremont, 43, reportedly tucked an affectionate, handwritten note into her own lunch bag Monday ...

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