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Man Holding Hands With Pregnant Woman Must Have Weird Fetish

RED BANK, NJ—Testing the limits of what even the most progressive onlookers considered publicly acceptable, a man was seen by multiple witnesses Tuesday holding hands with a visibly pregnant woman in what many could only interpret as the expression of a bizarre fetish.
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30 Years Of The Walkman

Portable music became a reality 30 years ago with the introduction of the Sony Walkman. What do you think?
  • "Too bad it took them 15 more years to invent headphones and double-A batteries."

    Nick Inglut Gilder
  • "We should be careful not to forget the contributions of the rolling Victrolas of the 1920s."

    Moli Griffin Loan Officer
  • "Anyone who listens to the Scorpions’ Love At First Sting on an iPod isn't experiencing the music as it was intended."

    Robert Crouse Quilting Machine Operator

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