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Voter Fraud: Myth Vs. Fact

Concerns over fraudulent voting have grown since the 2016 election, with President Trump himself claiming that millions of people voted illegally. The Onion debunks some common myths about voter fraud.

Fermilab Receives Generous Anonymous Particle Donation

BATAVIA, IL—Calling it the most substantial private donation the research facility has received in years, officials at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced Monday that an anonymous benefactor had given them a generous particle donation.

God Excited About First Trip To Japan

THE HEAVENS—After years of talking about visiting the East Asian country, God, Our Lord and Heavenly Father, told reporters Monday that He was excited to finally be taking His first trip to Japan.
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Bigot Group Recommended Alienating Gays From Blacks

In a memo recently made public, the National Organization for Marriage suggested it would benefit the group's antigay marriage agenda to drive a wedge between blacks and gays. What do you think?

  • "This is only going to send the gays into the arms of the Puerto Ricans."

    Charles Kerova Benefits Manager
  • "Sweet! I always hoped this cultural firestorm would result in an epic dance-off!"

    Thom Preston Junction Maker
  • "I am shocked that a group like the National Organization for Marriage would resort to exploiting people's baseless fears and prejudices."

    Deena Hatfull Dowel Pointer

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