Cash For Clunkers Resulted In Trucks For Trucks

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Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN

The outspoken CNN anchor announced Wednesday that he was resigning, effective immediately. What do you think?
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Cash For Clunkers Resulted In Trucks For Trucks

Analysis of federal data shows that a substantial number of the participants in the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program merely swapped an older truck for a newer one with slightly better gas mileage. What do you think?
  • "Wait, a lot of people did that? That's probably why no one's impressed by my new truck"

    Franklin Spain
    Dock Builder
  • "I'm sure things would have gone differently if you could tow four dirt bikes and a speedboat with a Nissan Altima."

    Clarissa Edge
    Helix Coil Winder
  • "I thought about switching to a hybrid car, but then I heard those gruff baritone truck-commercial voice-overs in my head belittling and emasculating me."

    Gary Lambdin
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