China Quarantines Mexicans

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NASA is running short of plutonium-238, the fuel needed in deep space missions, because nuclear warhead production has slowed dramatically since the...
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China Quarantines Mexicans

Hoping to contain the swine flu, China is rounding up visitors from Mexico and holding them in conditions that Mexican government has described as "unacceptable." What do you think?
  • “At least in America we pay them $3 an hour to be in those conditions.”

    Tommy Williamson
    Luggage Repairer
  • “This is awful news for the millions of Mexican college kids who traditionally flock to rural China for its cheap drinks and holiday atmosphere.”

    Marianne Parsone
    Watch Repairer
  • “This is eerily similar to the internment of the Japanese during the Vietnam…er, the Civil…er, World War…agh! History!”

    Nathaniel Campos
    Jig Borer
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