Dairy Cattle Slaughtered During Record Surplus

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Dairy Cattle Slaughtered During Record Surplus

In light of a glut of milk, the National Milk Producers Federation is paying dairies to slaughter 103,000 cows. What do you think?
  • "This seems like a waste. Why not order us American citizens to drink more milk?"

    Jane Adams
    Caring House Wife
  • "Though the circumstances are unfortunate, the cows must martyr themselves to preserve the honor of the National Milk Producers Federation. And the errant farmers should be sent to the desert for reeducation."

    James Smith
    Factory Laborer
  • "I can understand the milk producers' rage at the cows for overproducing this whitish mucus that causes acute stomach distress and spoils easily."

    Bill Jones
    Systems Analyst
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