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Just Like Everything Else!: Fox 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. ABC Pete's wife is still on him about building that darn shed, these kids are going to be the death of Sheila and Dave, and the hot next-door neighbor is up in EVERYBODY'S business! Sunday nights on ABC couldn't be any more familiar!

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  • Sports Drink Company Putting First Advertisement On Moon

    Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka has announced plans to put their sports drink Pocari Sweat on the moon in a specially equipped container bearing their logo, which, if successful, would be the first time a commercial product has been flown to the mo...


Economic Stimulus Package On Its Way

Congress agreed on an economic stimulus package that would give individual taxpayers a rebate of up to $600. What do you think?
  • "Perfect. That should cover my moving costs to Toronto."

    Tom Nagle
    Systems Analyst
  • "I wish that once in a while, Congress would give me a tax rebate not to boost their economy, but because they love me."

    Julia Wilding
    Parole Officer
  • "I hope buying $600 worth of waffles helps the economy, because that's what I'm going to do."

    Neville Head
    Dog Trainer
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