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The Onion’s 2017 Oscar Picks

The 89th Academy Awards features a more diverse slate of film and actor nominees than in past years, though the ceremony could still field #OscarsSoWhite criticism. Here are The Onion’s picks for who should take home the coveted Oscar statuettes:

A Timeline Of The EPA

A recently introduced House bill that would dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency questions the value of what this agency does and what its goals are. The Onion provides a timeline of the EPA’s 47-year history:
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Is The Internet Full?

Last week, the organization that assigns IP addresses—unique numbers that identify the "location" of every device connected to the Internet—handed out its last available digits. What do you think?

  • "Hint received. I'll take down my blog."

    Phyllis Rader School Librarian
  • "I've said it for years—we have got to think of more numbers!"

    Matt Skelly Disability Benefit Recipient
  • "Maybe it's time to stop assigning Internet locations and start assigning Internet destinations. The Internet: Tomorrow Is Today."

    Jim Delfini   Architect
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