Laptops Contributed To Pilot Error

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House Haunted By Tortured Souls Of Current Residents

HARTFORD, MI—On the outside it may look like any other home, but within the walls of 6535 Maple Ave. lies a terrifying secret: Every night, when the sun goes down and the moon comes out, this suburban bungalow is haunted by the restless, tormented souls of its residents, the Davidson family.
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Laptops Contributed To Pilot Error

Federal safety investigators are citing use of laptop computers among the factors that caused a Northwest Airlines pilot and copilot to become distracted and overshoot their destination of Minneapolis by 150 miles. What do you think?
  • "Well, flying Northwest is such a pleasure that I'm sure most passengers would jump at the chance to log an extra 150 miles with the airline."

    Alexis Carter
    Aperture Mask-Etcher
  • "I remember a simpler time when tipsy pilots were busy clinking glasses together instead of looking at websites as they sailed past their destinations."

    Davis Sheedy
    Machine Operator
  • "It could have been worse. That plane could have been going to Barcelona. Can you imagine missing Barcelona?! So frustrating."

    Ryan Hayes
    Systems Analyst
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