On A-Rod's Surgery:

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Blake Griffin

Quick, nifty 6-foot-10 power forward Blake Griffin is expected to go first in the upcoming NBA draft. Is this Oklahoma sophomore any good?

FDA Approves Salmonella

WASHINGTON—Executives at Hellmann's welcomed the news by announcing an entire line of lukewarm, sun-soaked, and partially turned mayonnaises.

Rush Limbaugh Returns

Rush Limbaugh is once again in the national media spotlight, this time for saying, among other things, that he hopes Obama and his economic...

American Idol

FOX 8 p.m. EDT/7 p.m. CDT An episode devoted entirely to the music of King Crimson has the remaining contestants shrugging and shaking their heads slowly.

Anger Actually Can Kill

A study in the Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology says that anger and other strong emotions can trigger unhealthy irregular heart...
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On A-Rod's Surgery:

  • "I think it was a really bad move having his cousin perform the procedure."

  • "It's important for the rest of his career to get that unsightly spotlight removed now as opposed to later."

  • "Sure is mighty suspicious, all these injuries he's been getting. I'll bet he was taking steroids!"

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