On Barry Larkin Being The Only Player Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

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Ndamukong Suh Fined $75,000, Just To Wrap Things Up

NEW YORK—In what it is calling "the only fitting way" to end a season marked by continual unsportsmanlike conduct and accompanying disciplinary action, the NFL announced Friday it had fined Ndamukong Suh an additional $75,000 just to finis...

Inadvertent Ice Road Truckers

History 9 p.m. EST/8 p.m. CST After taking a wrong turn out of Calgary, trucker Dale Bronson eventually realizes he's hauled his load of Lady Jordache sporting apparel much too far north.

Athletes And Religion

Tim Tebow has reinvigorated discussion on athletes using the field as a pulpit, but of course he's hardly the first to do so. Bill Belichick: Had God killed in 2003 Barry Bonds: Pointed to the sky after hitting hi...

Court Overturns Oklahoma Sharia Law Ban

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled it was discriminatory for Oklahoma to single out Sharia in its ban of religious law and stated there was no evidence the Islamic legal code had influenced the U.S.

Detroit Ending 24-Hour Police Station Access

Beginning this week, the City of Detroit will shut the doors of its police stations to the public for 16 hours a day. Here are other ways the cash-strapped city is saving money: Replacing the east side’s 11 functional streetlights with co...

Hostess Files For Bankruptcy

Hostess, the manufacturer of such American food staples as Wonder Bread, the Twinkie, and the Ding Dong, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
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On Barry Larkin Being The Only Player Elected To Baseball Hall Of Fame

  • "So he has to play all the positions himself?"

  • "I think they should just induct steroids into the Hall of Fame and hold off on voting for the next 15 years."

  • "Just him? That's terrible. My condolences go out to Mr. Larkin and his family."

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