On College Football's No. 1 Team Losing Two Weeks In A Row

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Grievances Brought Up With Powerless Supervisor

GRAND RAPIDS, MI—Fed up with an increasing workload and problems with his coworkers at CLG Software, project coordinator William Garsten reportedly took a list of grievances Wednesday to supervisor Todd Watkins, a middle manager utterly powerless to...

Report: Gonzaga’s In Washington, Right?

NEW YORK—Ahead of the team’s first-round game against Seton Hall in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, a new report released Thursday revealed that Gonzaga is in Washington state, right?

Teary-Eyed Robert Griffin III Slips On Draft Day Suit Again

WASHINGTON—With several tears streaming down his face as he stood alone in his bedroom’s walk-in closet, sources confirmed Wednesday that former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III slipped on the suit he wore to the 2012 NFL Draft.
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On College Football's No. 1 Team Losing Two Weeks In A Row

  • "Everybody knows we wouldn't have these issues of teams losing if college football just instituted a playoff."

  • "You'd think they would have changed their ranking after the first loss."

  • "That just has to happen 17 or 18 more times this season and they'll let Boise State be No. 1."

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