On Roger Federer's amazing between-the-legs shot in the U.S. Open

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Extreme Storms To Rip Through Godforsaken Midwestern Wasteland

The Onion Weather Center focuses on the Midwest, where a storm system should recede into the distance like any hope of a stable economic future; a tornado bears down on a podunk, backwater hick town; and field reporter Matt Jennings is live from God knows where.

Report: Gonzaga’s In Washington, Right?

NEW YORK—Ahead of the team’s first-round game against Seton Hall in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, a new report released Thursday revealed that Gonzaga is in Washington state, right?

Teary-Eyed Robert Griffin III Slips On Draft Day Suit Again

WASHINGTON—With several tears streaming down his face as he stood alone in his bedroom’s walk-in closet, sources confirmed Wednesday that former Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III slipped on the suit he wore to the 2012 NFL Draft.
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On Roger Federer's amazing between-the-legs shot in the U.S. Open

  • "As someone who often puts things between his legs, I was honored to see such a well-known sports star put something between his legs."

  • "That's almost as impressive as winning the U.S. Open."

  • "Are we talking about that basic forehand in one of his matches a few years back? Yeah, that was a good forehand."

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