On The PGA's Tough New Banned-Substance Policy

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Report: Saxophone Still An Okay Vehicle For Self-Expression

While declaring that the musical instrument was by no means ideally suited to the task, a report released by the National Endowment for the Arts Thursday concluded that the saxophone nevertheless remains a fairly decent vehicle for expressing one’s ...

How The IOC Plans To Address Doping

In light of its recent decision not to bar Russian athletes from competing in Rio despite their use of performance-enhancing drugs, the International Olympic Committee is working to establish more effective protocols to keep the Games drug-free. Here are some ways the IOC plans to address doping:
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On The PGA's Tough New Banned-Substance Policy

  • "Damn it, I was hoping they would get all juiced up and then putt for 365 yards.

  • "Nice knowing ya, Stuart Appleby."

  • "Let's hope they don't ban ALL substances. For example, you need water to survive."

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