Pentacle Allowed On Veterans' Tombstones

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  • Father Apologizes For Taking Out Anger On Wrong Son

    ELIZABETH, NJ—Moments after losing his composure with an unwarranted emotional outburst, local father David Kessler reportedly apologized to his son Christopher Thursday for erroneously taking out his anger on him and not his older brother Peter.


Pentacle Allowed On Veterans' Tombstones

The Department of Veteran Affairs will allow Wiccan symbols to appear on gravestones of veterans who practiced the faith. What do you think?
  • "As long as they don't allow Stevie Nicks to sing at the funeral, I'm fine with it."

    Betty Lawton
  • "Dear God, who's next–Mormons?"

    Domingo Schultz
  • "Back up just a second: The Wiccans have guns?"

    Werner Hansen
    Systems Analyst