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A Timeline Of The EPA

A recently introduced House bill that would dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency questions the value of what this agency does and what its goals are. The Onion provides a timeline of the EPA’s 47-year history:

Man Either Sick Or Just At End Of Workday

CINCINNATI—Overwhelmed by a wave of fatigue, local man Will Markowski told reporters Tuesday that he was uncertain whether he was getting sick or if it was just the end of a normal workday.
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Power Of Imagination May Help Dieters

A study by Carnegie Mellon researchers showed that when subjects spent time imagining they were eating a particular kind of candy, they ate less of that candy than did control groups. What do you think?

  • "I'm not sure I follow you. Where's the candy?"

    Al Gibbs Systems Analyst
  • "That sounds easier than me using my powers of eating less and exercising."

    Tina Avila Water Quality Tester
  • "How does one go about gaining admittance to this delicious ‘control group’?"

    Norbert Bacich Mixer
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