Record Oil Prices, Record Oil Profits

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Vol 41 Issue 44

Top Al-Qaeda Escapee

It was recently announced that Omar al-Farouq, a top al-Qaeda operative, was among four prisoners to escape a U.S.-run prison in Afghanistan last...

Rioting Continues In Paris

The French police have taken 22 young people into custody after more than a week of riots in a northeastern suburb of Paris. What do you...

Amid Controversy, NBA Announces Even Stricter Dress Code

NEW YORK—With the newly implemented dress code being met with criticism from players like Allen Iverson and Marcus Camby, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced Wednesday that he will clarify any and all concerns by imposing an even stricter, more detailed code of dress and conduct so that players can more accurately follow it to the letter.

Dems Force Closed Senate

Minority Leader Harry Reid called for a private Senate session Tuesday to demand an investigation into pre-war intelligence handling. What do...
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Record Oil Prices, Record Oil Profits

In the face of record-high oil prices, oil companies made a record $35 billion in profits in the last financial quarter. What do you think?
  • "As a big believer in 'trickle-down' economics, I know what a $35 billion profit boost means for me, the consumer: a free Atlanta Falcons travel mug with every fill-up."

    Wendy Cole
    Systems Analyst
  • "I don't know who to be angrier with: the oil magnates who continue to get richer while the rest of us struggle with day-to-day life, or the uppermost strata of our earth's core."

    Ben Hoagland
  • "We need an incisive political cartoon to take these robber barons down a notch."

    Harry Dawes
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