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Islam: Myth Vs. Fact

In the wake of President Trump’s proposed immigration ban targeting largely Muslim countries, The Onion separates myth from fact regarding the religion of Islam.

Players To Watch In The Sweet 16

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has provided thrilling upsets and amazing comebacks in the first two rounds. Onion Sports presents a guide to the 10 players to watch in the Sweet 16.

Archaeologists Uncover Last Human To Die Happy

DEMBECHA, ETHIOPIA—In a startling find that contributes significantly to the understanding of modern man’s evolutionary development, University of Edinburgh archaeologists working in Ethiopia’s Afar Region announced Wednesday that they have uncovered the preserved remains of the last human to die happy.
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Scientists Propose Rebuilding Arctic Ice

Arizona State University scientists have proposed a $500 billion plan to install millions of mechanical pumps in the Arctic Ocean that draw up water and spill it onto polar ice to freeze, growing the total ice surface. What do you think?

  • “See? This is the kind of research we get when we cut science funding.”

    Mandy Seifer Radon Tester
  • “We should spare no expense on any plan that lets us wait and see.”

    James Koenig Pasta Crimper
  • “Pouring water on everything is such an Arizona solution.”

    Brent Turner Retired Shareholder
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