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A Timeline Of The EPA

A recently introduced House bill that would dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency questions the value of what this agency does and what its goals are. The Onion provides a timeline of the EPA’s 47-year history:

Man Either Sick Or Just At End Of Workday

CINCINNATI—Overwhelmed by a wave of fatigue, local man Will Markowski told reporters Tuesday that he was uncertain whether he was getting sick or if it was just the end of a normal workday.

A Timeline Of Abraham Lincoln’s Life

Every February, people across the the nation celebrate the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, widely considered to be one of America’s finest presidents. The Onion provides a timeline of the key moments in President Lincoln’s life:
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Scientists Trap Antimatter For Record Time

Scientists at CERN trapped atoms of antihydrogen for more than 16 minutes, enabling them to study the elusive material more closely than ever. What do you think?

  • "That's great. I've always wondered what antimatter smells like."

    Tom Eltson Baker
  • "Man! The same 16 minutes I choose to step out for a sub. Just my luck!"

    Yvonne Butler Scientist
  • "Eh, that's not really my thing. I'm more into retrophysics—you know, the atom is the smallest particle, the universe is infinite, and everything is composed of matter."

    Danny Cleaves Music Teacher
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