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Man Holding Hands With Pregnant Woman Must Have Weird Fetish

RED BANK, NJ—Testing the limits of what even the most progressive onlookers considered publicly acceptable, a man was seen by multiple witnesses Tuesday holding hands with a visibly pregnant woman in what many could only interpret as the expression of a bizarre fetish.
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Study: Cities Have Unique ‘Bacterial Fingerprints’

A study that swabbed office buildings in major cities found that the bacterial profile of the swabs corresponded to their location, suggesting that cities each have their own “bacterial fingerprint.” What do you think?

  • “Man, is there anything swabbing can’t illuminate for us?”

    Robert Larson Salad Visionary
  • “I don’t need some fancy microbiome to tell me someone is from Boise.”

    Sam Balducci Band Namer
  • “Amazing. If I ever want to know what city I’m in, all I need is a microscope!”

    Phoebe McNamara Rebate Coordinator

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