Thousands Injured By Cribs Annually

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CynGen released this statement in response to public outcry over a screaming cob of genetically modified corn.

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Our inbox has been flooded with emails of support for Tillis following his decision to step down. "God bless you,Tillis. Best of luck in all your drinking." --Jacob E., Franklin, KY "My friends and I will pour a bottle of gin on the sidew...

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Thousands Injured By Cribs Annually

A report in the journal Pediatrics found that nearly 10,000 babies and infants are admitted to emergency rooms each year with injuries sustained in or by crawling out of cribs. What do you think?

  • "Quick fixes like higher bars don't address the root cause of why babies want to jump out and die in the first place."

    Marty Lewis
    Bar Attendant
  • "With all the science these days, you’d think we could have weeded the squirmy gene out of babies by now."

    Lane Murphy
    Eddy Current Inspector
  • "My God, why would you ever want to leave your crib? It's warm and cozy, and it has that yummy teether, and that thing that projects stars over it at night."

    Nick Jones
    Metal Finisher
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