Tourism In The Tsunami's Wake

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ISIS Starting To Worry New Recruit Huge Psycho

RAQQA, SYRIA—Admitting that the recently arrived jihadist’s disturbing behavior was becoming a serious cause for concern, several ISIS members told reporters Friday they were starting to worry that new recruit Said Hassad was a huge psycho.

National Security Experts: ‘ISIS Are Fucking Assholes’

WASHINGTON—Updating the public about the deadly attacks carried out in Brussels yesterday by members of the Syria-based jihadist group, national security experts held a press conference in Washington this morning to notify Americans that ISIS are fucking assholes.

World Makes Final Attempt To Try To Understand This Shit

BRUSSELS—In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Brussels that left over 30 dead and more than 100 injured, an angry and frustrated global populace collectively announced Tuesday that it would make one last attempt to try to understand this shit.

A Timeline Of U.S.–Cuba Relations

As President Obama visits Cuba in an effort to restore diplomatic ties with the U.S., The Onion looks at pivotal moments in the tension-filled history of U.S.–Cuba relations.

Vatican City Residents Rally To Save St. Peter’s Basilica From Development

VATICAN CITY—Citing its historical significance and the valuable role it plays in the community, residents of Vatican City rallied this week to save St. Peter’s Basilica from being demolished as part of a development project that would convert the site into an expansive residential and retail complex, sources reported.

Saudi Authorities Decry Wasteful 3-Hour Death-Row Appeals Process

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA—Criticizing the amount of time and money wasted between a condemned individual’s sentencing and eventual execution, Saudi government officials expressed frustration Monday over the country’s costly three-hour appeals process for convicts facing the death penalty.
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Tourism In The Tsunami's Wake

While some travelers cancelled vacations to tsunami-stricken countries, others say that tourism is important for rebuilding the area's economy. What do you think?
  • "How can Thailand expect people like me to visit? What am I—made of bahts?"

    Carla Sparks Chef
  • "I'll bet the tourism drop-off would be reversed if the Western media would shift its focus to more positive coverage of tsunamis."

    Gordan Rami Repairman
  • "Well, I was going to visit the Greek ruins, but I might as well go where the ruins are still fresh."

    Brenda Ellis-Lee Salesperson
  • "I'll still take my annual vacation in Sri Lanka, but I'm going to be nice to everyone for a change."

    Joe Callister Cashier
  • "Whoa. Talk about the very definition of guilt trip."

    Tyler Wilson Systems Analyst
  • "It's time for the healing process to begin. Resident of Sumatra, another Mai Tai, please."

    Toby Leiffert Teacher

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