Vast Mineral Resources Found In Afghanistan

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Vol 46 Issue 24

Asteroid Probe Returns To Earth

A Japanese spacecraft to an asteroid deployed seven years ago returned home on Sunday, possibly carrying the first extraterrestrial rock sample since the moon landings.

USC's Rules Violations

The NCAA says Reggie Bush took cash while playing for the Trojans, but that was hardly the only thing that came to light during its investigation of USC.
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Vast Mineral Resources Found In Afghanistan

The United States has discovered nearly $1 trillion in mineral deposits, including copper, iron, and lithium, in Afghanistan. What do you think?

  • "This is fabulous news! Are we going to distribute it to all Americans equally?"

    Lynda Marvin
  • "And let's not forget that Iraq sits atop a nearly equivalent amount of U.S. debt."

    Gerry Jurewicz
    Systems Analyst
  • "In your face, Soviet Union!"

    Adrian Wilson
    Precision Grinder
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