Area Father Urges Reopening Of 1998 Missing-Rake Case

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Angie Tribeca

Goodwill Executives Arrested After Years Of Skimming Donated Goods Off Top

ROCKVILLE, MD—In what authorities are calling one of the most wide-reaching and deplorable cases of embezzlement in recent history, seven executives at Goodwill Industries International were arrested Thursday for allegedly skimming used clothing, old furniture, small appliances, and thousands of other donated items from the charitable group.

Neighborhood Busybody Reports Sound Of Gunshots

INDIANAPOLIS—Once again sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong, neighborhood busybody Sally Christensen, 54, reportedly took it upon herself to report the sound of gunshots to law enforcement early Tuesday morning, sources confirmed.

How Grand Juries Reach A Decision

The recent non-indictments of police officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo have shed light on the secret process of grand jury deliberations, by which a group of ordinary citizens hears a case from a prosecuting attorney and privately decides whe...

Thieves Make Off With Museum’s Most Valuable Docents

CHICAGO—In what is being described as a sophisticated and well-executed heist, thieves stole nine of the Art Institute of Chicago’s most valuable docents in broad daylight this morning, according to museum and law enforcement officials.

Police Pleasantly Surprised To Learn Man They Shot Was Armed

LEXINGTON, KY—Following a pedestrian stop Monday night during which they fired their weapons on a suspicious individual, patrol officers for the Fayette County Police Department were pleasantly surprised to discover the man they shot was armed, sour...

3-Day Waiting Period Leads To Far More Feasible Murder Plot

MASON CITY, IA—Saying that the past 72 hours offered him plenty of time to pause and reflect, local man Andrew Boyle told reporters Tuesday that the state’s three-day waiting period to purchase a handgun had allowed him to devise a far more pr...

FBI Raids Kennedy Fundamentalist Compound

HYANNIS PORT, MA—In a surprise predawn raid Monday, heavily armed FBI agents stormed the notorious Kennedy Compound in Massachusetts, reportedly arresting more than two dozen key members of the faction and exposing many of the bizarre inner workings...

Criminal Prosecuted To Fullest Extent Of Budget

STOCKTON, CA—Concluding proceedings of a case that will now be sent to a jury it lacked the means to properly vet, San Joaquin District Attorney James Willett told reporters Monday that he believes his office prosecuted a suspected murderer to the f...

Paranoid Oscar Pistorius Still Thinks Burglar After Him

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA—Insisting that the dangerous individual could be literally anywhere right now, a paranoid, wild-eyed Oscar Pistorius was reportedly overheard muttering to his defense lawyers numerous times during his murder trial Thursday tha...

Report: Local Gas Station Wouldn’t Be That Hard To Rob

LAWRENCE, KS—Citing a range of factors from the lack of security glass to the fact that the cash register is situated right next to the front door, a report published Thursday confirmed that robbing the BP gas station at Reynolds and Murray wouldn...

Highlights From Ariel Castro’s Courtroom Statement

Ariel Castro, the 53-year-old Cleveland man who abducted, imprisoned, and repeatedly raped three women over the course of 11 years, made a brief statement during a court hearing Thursday, shortly before he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Dick Van Dyke Finally Confesses To Zodiac Killings

MALIBU, CA—Saying he had wanted to talk about the subject for years but feared it would damage his career, beloved entertainer Dick Van Dyke confessed Wednesday to being the infamous Zodiac Killer, the serial murderer who terrorized Northern Califor...

Tim Tebow’s Former Teammate Charged With Murder

FRAMINGHAM, MA—Adding yet another wrinkle to the football player and media sensation’s eventful offseason, authorities confirmed today that a former teammate of New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow has been arrested and charged with murd...

The Case For And Against George Zimmerman

FOR Typed, signed letter from Martin confirming he attacked Zimmerman Americans have soft spot for nation’s rugged, rawly sexual neighborhood watch volunteers Actions fall within the letter of Florida’s “Get Out Of Your Car, Trac...

Athlete Arrested

HOUSTON—According to numerous sources, a star athlete of the city’s professional sports team was reportedly arrested in the late hours of yesterday evening. A police report confirmed that the high-profile player faces multiple charges, includi...

Popeye's Home Boiglerized

SWEETHAVEN VILLAGE—According to a report filed with the Sweethaven Police Department, the private residence of sailor man Popeye was violently boiglerized at approximately 4:30 a.m.

Co-Op Casino Robbed Again

ANN ARBOR, MI—The member-owned-and-operated casino known as the Sunshine & Sharing Gaming Cooperative was robbed Tuesday for the fourth time...
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Criminal Justice

Angie Tribeca

Area Father Urges Reopening Of 1998 Missing-Rake Case

EDINA, MN—Local resident Marsh Lufler, 51, urged family members to re-open a long-discontinued investigation into the disappearance of a lawn rake Monday. The rake, a Lawn-Grum brand spring-braced sweep rake with steel tines and a hardwood handle, has been missing from the Lufler home since 1998.

Lufler and a rake (inset) of the variety that mysteriously disappeared from his garage in 1998.

"Although it has been six years since anyone in this family has seen that rake, I've never given up hope that someday I might find it," Lufler said. "I believe that the rake is still in our neighborhood, probably within a quarter-mile of our home."

Added Lufler: "It's a rake, dammit. It couldn't just sprout legs and walk away."

Lufler's rake was first reported missing in October 1998. A massive, four-day search of the Lufler property and intensive questioning of friends and neighbors yielded no leads. Although most of the Lufler clan long ago abandoned hope of the rake's recovery, Lufler has refused to accept the loss.

"Why would a rake just disappear?" Lufler said. "A sock, sure. But a rake is large and conspicuous, and this one hadn't been used since before the first snowfall in December of '97. How could it just vanish?"

The reopening of the rake case was prompted in part by the recent solving of another Lufler-household mystery. The good-serving-dish case, closed in late 2002 after months of fruitless investigation, was all but forgotten until last month, when friend and neighbor Mary Cobb returned a porcelain tray, which she'd found while cleaning out her cupboards.

"I should definitely question everyone again," Lufler said. "All the principal suspects are still alive, and almost all of them still live in the neighborhood. Maybe enough time has passed that it will be easier for someone to admit something they didn't want to say before."

Added Lufler: "Anything could have happened in that gap between the first snow and the discovery that the rake was missing. Maybe the rake was lent out without my knowledge, or maybe someone just 'helped himself' to it. You know, I'd like to quiz that Norquist kid down the block. Well, he's not even a kid anymore, but I heard he used to break into people's houses and watch television. I wouldn't put rake-snatching past him."

Lufler also spoke of a recurring psychic dream he had.

"I dreamed of the tail end of a black car—a car trunk," Lufler said. "When I put my hand on the trunk, it turned into a heap of neatly piled leaves. Then I woke up. But I don't own a black car, and when I searched my trunk for a rake, I didn't find one. I don't hold much stock in the paranormal, but what does it hurt to pursue all avenues?"

Lufler said that most of his neighbors prefer leaf-blowers to rakes. Considering this, he said he recently spotted what could be an important clue: a neatly raked pile of grass clippings in an unknown neighbor's yard, two blocks from his home.

"This was not the work of a leaf-blower, I assure you," Lufler said, producing grainy photographs of a mass of grass shot from several different angles. "Clearly, the grass was raked with a fan-style rake. Look at the angle at which the clippings are piled. Observe the 'combed' appearance of the surrounding lawn."

The most damning clue in the photos is a large tool with a wooden handle, leaning against the garage, its bottom obscured by a black trash bag. Lufler said he did not notice the implement until after he had gotten the developed photos back from the Rite Aid. When he returned to the scene, the wooden-handled tool was gone.

"I cannot say with complete certainty that the lawn tool in the picture was a sweep rake," Lufler said. "It could have been a hoe, a shovel, or a broom. But I am convinced that a rake was used to gather those grass clippings."

Lufler said improvements in technology since 1998 may give him an edge in his search that he previously lacked.

"In 2002, I purchased a large Maglite," Lufler said. "It casts a far longer and stronger beam than my old lantern flashlight, and could aid us in a search of dense underbrush."

Wanting to question the occupants of the home, Lufler attempted to persuade his wife to reopen the rake case. However, a resolute Evie Lufler demanded that the matter be finally put to rest.

"I told Marsh he's gotta move on," Evie said. "It took him nearly a year to give up looking for that missing rake and buy a new one. Now that he has, it's time he forgot about the old rake. Why would anyone need two rakes?"

In spite of his family's resistance, Lufler continues to press for the reopening of the case.

"It's been six years since the rake went missing," Lufler said. "That rake was a real beauty. I've never owned a rake that worked so well. Even if I can't recover the rake, I want to go to my grave knowing that, in my search for it, I left no leaf unturned."

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