Bodybuilder Extensively Explains Difference Between Bodybuilding, Weightlifting

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Five-Year-Old Convinced Dinosaur Bones Are Buried In Backyard

TACOMA, WA–Amateur archaeologist Joshua Bushnell, 5, announced Monday that he is certain that the remains of a dinosaur are buried in the Bushnell family backyard. "I have to dig up the bones to get them to the museum," Bushnell told his mother, Kathy Bushnell. "There's a big brontosaurus by the swingset." Bushnell has asked his mother to buy him a new digging tool that is larger than his plastic Fisher-Price sand shovel.

New Partially Digested Doritos Eliminate Tedious Chewing

DALLAS–At a press conference Monday, Frito-Lay unveiled "Doritos Soft," an exciting new partially digested version of the popular snack chip. "Now the great taste of Doritos comes pre-digested, so you don't have to," an upcoming print ad for the product read. "Packed with the same gastric enzymes you yourself secrete, Doritos Soft blasts that awesome nacho taste straight to your large intestine, 'cuz you're too biz-zay for chewin'!" The new product arrives in the wake of the success of Mountain Dew Gold, a soft drink that is 40 percent urine.

Villagers Turned Into Crack Fighting Squad Overnight

SILVER GULCH, NV–The good, God-fearing people of Silver Gulch, a sleepy frontier town known primarily for its pleasant annual Founder's Festival and Ma Beasley's delicious pies, expertly fended off Boss Cafferty's armed goons following their overnight transformation into a crack fighting squad Sunday. "Those gun-slinging prairie pirates were no match for little Molly O'Shea and her tater skillet!" town miller Pete Johnson whooped after the estimated two dozen heavily armed thugs were driven from Main Street. "And anyone who tries to muscle in on Silver Gulch's diamond mine can expect the same!" Johnson and his fellow townsfolk were whipped into fighting shape by reformed outlaw Bart "Three Finger" Hoskins during a seven-minute montage sequence.

Archangels Already Sick Of Cardinal O'Connor Telling Them How They Do It In New York

HEAVEN–Less than two weeks after his passage into God's Eternal Kingdom, Cardinal John O'Connor is already irritating the Archangels with his constant talk of Heaven's lack of facilities, culture, and cosmopolitanism compared to New York City, his former place of residence. "He doesn't complain about the manna, per se, but he won't let us forget that you can't find a decent Italian restaurant open around here after 11 p.m.," Archangel Gabriel said Monday. "We're also well aware that the Lord's Heavenly Choir doesn't hold a candle to the New York Choral Society, whose recent performance of Verdi's Requiem at Carnegie Hall was far better than anything the Cardinal ever expects to hear around here."

So My Readers Wish Me Dead

I am informed by The Onion Editorial Board that the mountain of mail calling for my death is increasing once again. This is nothing new, as it becomes fashionable to lust for the death of T. Herman Zweibel when-ever the Swiss economy is running smoothly. It does not pay to anger the Gnomes of Zurich!

That Teen-Abstinence Rally Totally Rocked!

Wow, what a weekend! They say that part of being a teenager is knowing how to cut loose, and there's nothing quite like getting together with a big group of your peers and just "letting it rip." That teen-abstinence rally totally rocked!
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Bodybuilder Extensively Explains Difference Between Bodybuilding, Weightlifting

GLENDALE, AZ–Clarifying a common misconception about "two very distinct sports," bodybuilder Glen Tuttle extensively explained the difference between bodybuilding and weight training Monday.

Bodybuilder Glen Tuttle takes a break between quad blasts at Powerhouse Gym.

"It's a frequent assumption that weightlifting and bodybuilding are one and the same," Tuttle, 41, told Perry Sarkes, a sales associate at Oshman's, a sporting-goods store at Arizona Mills Mall. "But in reality, nothing could be further from the truth."

Tuttle, who was at Oshman's shopping for a back-support belt, was forced to explain the difference to Sarkes when the 20-year-old employee asked him how long he'd been a weightlifter. Tuttle replied that he's been a bodybuilder for more than six years.

"Bodybuilding emphasizes developing large, well-defined, well-proportioned muscles," Tuttle said. "In weightlifting, on the other hand, the goal is simply increasing muscular strength. Now, weight training, that's something else entirely. Weight training builds strength to improve performance in other athletic activities. You're gonna see a lot of basketball and football players doing weight training."

Though Sarkes had not asked, Tuttle went on to explain that it is an individual's goal for his or her body which determines the fitness program that particular individual should choose.

"A bodybuilder is looking to achieve a certain overall body image," said Tuttle, who works out approximately 30 hours a week and subscribes to numerous bodybuilding magazines, including Flex, Ironman, and Muscle And Fitness. "It's much more than simply upping the weight on your bar."

As Sarkes rang up the Weider pro-series belt and oversized B.U.M. Equipment tank top Tuttle had picked out, the 1998 NPC Arizona Championships semi-finalist explained that bodybuilding competitions are much more "involved" than weightlifting competitions.

"In bodybuilding, you don't just walk off with the prize because you lifted the most weight," Tuttle said. "You've got to have 100 percent control over every part of your body, including your brain. You've got to be ripped from head to toe, but you also need a certain mental attitude."

A major part of bodybuilding is what Tuttle calls "achieving the bodybuilder ideal" of perfect definition, size, and symmetry.

"I've seen a lot of guys with mind-blowing quads, but then they totally ignore their traps," Tuttle said. "To be a competition-level bodybuilder, you need the complete package. That's not so in weightlifting, where you can easily get away with favoring certain muscle groups over others."

A bodybuilder, Tuttle said, must also know how to properly apply skin-bronzing agents, oils, and depilatories to emphasize muscle definition while posing onstage.

"Bodybuilding requires finesse and style, not just brute physical strength," Tuttle said. "Schwarzenegger, Sergio Oliva, Frank Zane–those guys were incredibly strong, but you have to remember that they were also tremendously graceful. And when it came time for the pose-down, they really knew how to put on a show."

This is not the first time Tuttle has clarified a point regarding bodybuilding. Last Friday, on the stretching mats at Vic Tanny, the full-service health club he patronizes when Powerhouse Gym is closed, Tuttle educated club member Stacey Schuitt about the crucial role proper diet plays in bodybuilding.

"More than in any other sport, in bodybuilding, eating right is your number-one priority," said Tuttle, who lists his favorite foods as broiled salmon and baked potatoes with fat-free sour cream. "If you don't put the proper fuel in your engine, your car isn't going to go anywhere."

"I eat a high-protein meal one hour before working out and a mixed high-protein and potassium-rich carb meal one hour after the workout," Tuttle told Schuitt. "Then I take a Creatine Monohydrate supplement if it's an arm day, or a 32-ounce Twin Lab Amino Fuel shake if I'm doing legs. You probably don't have to worry about that, though, if you're just looking to lose weight. Still, a good antioxidant wouldn't hurt."

As Tuttle recently told Food Lion checkout clerk Josh Calhoun, the rewards of bodybuilding are well worth the tremendous work and dedication the sport demands.

"I'm developing every muscle in my body, from pecs to glutes to hammies," Tuttle said. "Why devote yourself to a sport that doesn't demand perfection from every inch of you? When I use my body, I want to go all-out, balls to the wall."

Bart Cordova, Tuttle's longtime friend and frequent spotter, is equally enthusiastic about bodybuilding.

"Bodybuilding is like no other sport," Cordova said. "But don't make the mistake of thinking that all bodybuilders are the same. Approaches and procedures vary widely from organization to organization. Don't assume, for example, that NABBA bodybuilding is the same as IFBB or NPC bodybuilding, because it's not. Let me explain."

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