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DNC Coverage: Media Bias?

Got to the Con and I decided I should bury the hatchet and end my feud with CNN and go and check out their Fancy Grill. I can't hold a grudge...

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It was a slow night at the "Con" last night so I decided to skip it (Don't tell my editor!). But I'm putting in some time this morning catching...

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I went to a party celebrating Hurricane Katrina. Look what I found at the buffet: Pity the poor Democrats — still...

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In order to revitalize its brand image, Microsoft has hired former sitcom actor Jerry Seinfeld as a spokesman. What do you think?

DNC Coverage: Warm Welcome?

I have been notified by my editors that the telegram writing format style has been "upgraded" in the "Information Age." Well, that is technology...
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DNC Coverage: Cover Up

You get a lot of griping from journalists who say "Nothing Happens" at these political conventions. There is a lot going on - but you just have to look for it.

Last night I spent some time at the Con snooping around the beautiful Pepsi Cola Center. I started to get "the Hungries" and was pleased as punch when I saw the friendly logo of the Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant. But when I approached, I found that it had been shut down.

Why? Why do the Democrats HATE Arby's Roast Beef Restaurant?? Right there is a story waiting to be told. I may not have time to track down the answer on this but perhaps someone out there reading in the "Information Superhighway" can do some "Blogg" work and get to the bottom of it. This could be a moment for the "New Media" that people keep talking about to really shine.

One thing's for sure: something's rotten in Denver. I know the Democrats hate business, but my instincts tell me it's something more than that. Could it be that the secret skeleton in Barracks Obama's closet is that he is really a meat-hating vegetarian??

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