Man In Suit Slams Fist On Desk

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New York Governor Resigns

After confessing to being involved in a prostitution ring, New York governor Eliott Spitzer resigned Wednesday. What do you think?

Brett Favre

His talent made him great. His flaws, unfortunately, made him human.
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Man In Suit Slams Fist On Desk

NEW YORK—A man wearing a suit slammed the fleshy portion of his fist on a mahogany desk Monday in an attempt to further emphasize a terse and harsh declarative statement, nervous sources later reported. According to the four other men in suits present, the important man, who was seated behind the desk in question, reportedly meant business and, with the single pound of his fist, effectively sent a clear message of what would and would not be tolerated from that point on. Sources claim the vibrations created when the coiled-up hand delivered the blow to the desktop were powerful enough to shake all the contents on the suited man's desk, and also caused the liquid in the man's coffee cup to spill slightly over the mug's brim.
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