More Realistic Meat Substitute Made From Soy Raised In Brutally Cruel Conditions

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God Hurting After Eating 20-Piece Spicy Angel Wings

THE HEAVENS—Staring off into the middle distance for several minutes in obvious discomfort, The Lord Almighty, Our Heavenly Father, announced Monday that He was “hurting real bad” after consuming an entire 20-piece order of spicy angel wings.

Report: Someone Needs To Get Chips And Dip Away From Area Man

EDISON, NJ—Repeatedly emphasizing that the ruffled potato chips and accompanying French onion dip were just too good, a report released Thursday confirmed that someone needs to get them away from local partygoer Ian Ashcraft before he eats the whole thing.

Everyone In Coffee Shop Can Tell Trainee A Goner

KIRKLAND, WA—Shaking their heads as they watched the man struggle to make correct change and overheard him botch back-to-back orders, every customer at local coffee shop The Daily Bean confided to reporters Friday they could tell the store’s newest trainee was a definite goner.

Area Dad Stares Longingly At Covered Grill In Backyard

‘I Haven’t Forgotten You,’ Father Softly Whispers

EUCLID, OH—Placing his right palm against the glass of the sliding back door as he softly whispered reassurances to the device, local father Paul Chesney, 48, spent nearly an hour Tuesday gazing longingly at the covered grill in his backyard, family sources reported.

Grin Slowly Spreads Across Mom’s Face As Meal Revealed To Contain Healthy Ingredients

‘The Mashed Potatoes Are Actually Made With Cauliflower,’ She Announces

VERONA, WI—Having waited until everyone at the table had finished their dinner Monday, a knowing grin reportedly spread across local mother Angela Hopkins’ face as she announced to her family that the mashed potatoes had in fact been made using cauliflower as a healthier alternative.

Tips For Handling A Picky Eater

Having a child who refuses to eat most foods can be both frustrating and alarming for parents, but there are ways to work through this phase as a family. Here are The Onion’s tips for handling a picky eater

GMOs: Myth vs. Fact

Consumers have consistently distrusted the use of genetically modified organisms in their food, believing that they make food unsafe for consumption, although a majority of scientific evidence contradicts these views. Here are the common myths associated with GMOs and the facts that refute them

Man Pushed Off Plate Of Chicken Wings By Larger Male

WARMINSTER, PA—Looking on as the intense display of aggressive behavior played out over several minutes, sources at Flannigan’s Bar & Grill confirmed Thursday that local man Pete Samuelson was pushed off a plate of buffalo wings by a much larger alpha male.

Grandma Guts It Out Through Lunch On Sunny Patio

MALVERN, PA—Making the audacious decision to dine outdoors with her family despite a noticeable lack of umbrellas or awnings, grandmother Diane McGilvery, 83, reportedly gutted it out through lunch Friday on the sunny patio of a local restaurant.

Man Proud Of Food He Ordered

DEDHAM, MA—Noting how the man grinned with satisfaction after his Buffalo Chicken Ranch sandwich with a side of spiced panko onion rings arrived at his table, sources at Chili’s Grill & Bar confirmed Tuesday that local diner Matt Schoesse ...

Café Adds Heartbreaking Little Lunch Menu

EUGENE, OR—Noting the new food items in a small boxed-off corner of the overhead chalkboard, patrons at local coffee shop Fairmount Java told reporters Monday that the café had apparently added a heartbreaking little lunch menu.

How Michelin Rates Restaurants

For decades, the French company Michelin has published a restaurant guide that rates restaurants on a scale of one to three stars, giving them a coveted Michelin star status.

People Apparently Been Using Rest Stop Barbecue Pit

GREENVILLE, SC—Scrutinizing the ashes of charcoal briquettes inside the weathered firebox, motorist Matt Palmeri reportedly deduced Thursday that people traveling southbound along Interstate 85 have apparently been using the rest stop’s barbec...

Man Who Stopped Dieting Already Seeing Results

MIDDLETOWN, KY—Noting that his new look had really turned heads among friends and family, local man Steven Jensen told reporters Wednesday that he had recently stopped dieting and had already started to see results.

Fast Food Customers Less Appealing Than In Commercial

GREENVILLE, SC—Expressing his disappointment shortly after sitting down for lunch at a local franchise location Wednesday, area man Peter Strauss told reporters that the customers at Burger King were actually far less appealing in real life than the...

Restaurant Gives Totally Unwanted Twist To Mexican Cuisine

BERKELEY, CA—Claiming that the eatery was already generating a buzz among locals with its “East Meets Mex” flavors, owners of the Bento Burrito location on Shattuck Avenue explained to reporters Tuesday how their new restaurant offers a ...

Scout Returns With News Of Quicker Checkout Line To The East

SALINAS, CA—After venturing forth into the vast, unexplored territory beyond the battery display, a scout is said to have returned from the farthest reaches of the Safeway cashier lanes with word of a quicker checkout line to the east, sources confi...
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More Realistic Meat Substitute Made From Soy Raised In Brutally Cruel Conditions

Eighty percent of taste test participants couldn’t tell the difference between regular meat and Greenwood Farms products made from disease-ridden, extremely stressed soybeans, a spokesperson said.
Eighty percent of taste test participants couldn’t tell the difference between regular meat and Greenwood Farms products made from disease-ridden, extremely stressed soybeans, a spokesperson said.

ROCHESTER, MN—Hailing it as the best-tasting and most satisfying such product on the market, vegetarian food manufacturer Greenwood Farms unveiled a more realistic meat substitute Friday made from soy raised in brutally cruel conditions.

According to company spokespeople, the new line of “Nature’s Way” meatless products is made from soybeans grown and harvested in dark, cramped conditions where they suffer maltreatment and neglect from the moment they sprout, giving them a texture and flavor closer to that of factory-farmed beef, pork, and chicken.

“When you sink your teeth into one of our veggie burgers, you’ll know this is the kind of flavor you can only get from soybeans that have never seen actual sunlight.”

“Our vegetarian entrées and meal starters are the most authentically meat-like available on the market, because we make sure our soybeans are raised in filth-caked, overcrowded growing troughs in a windowless facility where daytime temperatures regularly exceed 120 degrees,” said Greenwood Farms marketing director Michael Latimer, adding that the beans’ rich, savory flavor is enhanced by the unsanitary conditions and the regular spread of disease and infection through the crop. “We also make sure our soybeans are pumped so full of a variety of powerful hormones and antibiotics that their growth is boosted far beyond what the plants are capable of naturally, giving our product the same delectable consistency as meat you find at your local grocery store.”

“When you sink your teeth into one of our veggie burgers, you’ll know this is the kind of flavor you can only get from soybeans that have never seen actual sunlight,” he added.

According to Latimer, the confined growing facilities are designed to restrict nearly all of the plants’ heliotropic movement and suppress their natural phytochrome production, which ensures that most of their available energy is dedicated to increasing their lipid-to-protein ratio, giving the beans the succulent, juicy texture of conventional beef or poultry. As a side effect, the soy’s stems are reportedly too weak to support the weight of their growing beans and the plants eventually collapse on themselves, which Latimer cites as a further indication that his company’s products are the most authentically meat-like on the market.

Latimer explained that in order to maximize the number of beans per plot, plants are grown physically touching one another and are left to wallow in the discarded leaves and other fetid waste from their neighbors. Additionally, some young soybean sprouts are confined to pots barely larger than themselves as soon as they emerge, thus inhibiting healthy maturation and keeping them, according to Greenwood Farms’ promotional material, “mouthwateringly tender.”

After the beans are mechanically separated from their pods at an age of only 45 days, Latimer said they are forced into overfilled tractor-trailers, with many being crushed under the weight of thousands of their fellow legumes. The soybeans then reportedly arrive at the processing facility, a steaming hot factory reeking with the stench of rotting bean hulls where every surface is said to be slick with plant effluvia.

“To ensure our product reaches stores when it’s at its most succulent and moist, we rush to dry, shuck, and salt the beans as quickly as possible—meaning that many of them are still alive when they’re ground up in the turbo mills,” Latimer said. “After the soybeans have been completely pulverized, the leftover seed fragments, juices, and slurry that collect in the sluice grates in the facility’s floor are gathered so they can be used as fertilizer to be fed to the next generation of beans.”

“It’s all part of our effort to go that extra mile and make sure our soybeans are treated with as little concern for their well-being and natural development as possible,” Latimer added. “And that’s a difference you can taste.”

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