Nation Demands Fresh Celebrity Meat

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Disney Unveils First Virgin Princess

LOS ANGELES—In an effort to better reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences of their audience, Disney officials this week introduced Lily of Hazelberry, the company’s first virgin princess.

Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 23, 2015

ARIES: The universe, in all its wisdom, has a plan for everyone. Strangely, you’re supposed to be the nun who holds up a distributor cap and winks while the Nazis try to start their car.

Your Horoscopes — Week Of June 9, 2015

ARIES: Your death next week will seem in­explicable until people remember the ill-advised 1985 “cross your heart and hope to die” pledge you made to be best friends with Jenny Bosben.

New Music Festival Just Large Empty Field To Do Drugs In

Declaring the event a rousing success so far, organizers confirmed more than 45,000 people turned out Wednesday for the first annual Cavalcade Folk and Roots Festival, a four-day gathering that consists solely of a big empty field to do drugs in.

Director Seeking Relatively Unknown Actress For Next Affair

LOS ANGELES—Saying that he’s going for a certain look and will know it when he sees it, feature film director Peter Hastings, 52, confirmed to reporters Wednesday that he hopes to find a relatively unknown actress for his next extramarital affair.

Your Horoscopes — Week Of May 26, 2015

ARIES: You’re not sure if your new mousetrap is better, but due to its horrifying use of liquefying blades, the world will beat a path to your door out of sheer morbid curiosity.

Famous Television Finales

The award-winning AMC series Mad Men ended its seven-season run on Sunday night and drew critical acclaim for its final episode, a conclusion that many felt was poignant and satisfying. Here are some other memorable TV finales across the years

Plan For Future Still Involves Drumming For Lifehouse

SOUTH BEND, IN—Fifteen years after first envisioning the path he hoped his professional life would take, local man Brent Gibbs is still planning his future around being the drummer for Los Angeles-based alternative rock band Lifehouse, sources confi...

Fox Revives ‘X-Files’: What To Expect

After months of speculation, Fox has announced that it is bringing back its hit ’90s TV show The X-Files, about a team of FBI special agents investigating unsolved cases about strange and paranormal phenomena, for at least six new episodes...

Your Horoscopes — Week Of March 24, 2015

ARIES: Your belief that everything happens for a reason may remain unshaken in the face of personal tragedy, but you'll certainly be upset when you find out the reason is "to get the Zodiac some chicks." 

Your Horoscopes — Week Of March 10, 2015

ARIES: As long as people don't look too long and the lights aren't too bright, no one will be able to see where they tried to fix your face from what will happen to it this coming Thursday. 

Nation Delighted As Many Famous People In Same Room Together

HOLLYWOOD—Expressing their immense personal satisfaction at the gathering appearing on their television screens, millions of Americans across the country were reportedly delighted Sunday night upon seeing many famous people in the same room together...

Half Of Hollywood Test Group Screened Placebo Film

LOS ANGELES—Saying the methodology helps them ensure unbiased results in their marketing research, studio executives at Paramount Pictures confirmed that during a Hollywood test screening this week they showed half of all theatergoers a placebo film...

Your Horoscopes — Week Of January 6, 2015

ARIES: One of the worst moments of a person's life is when they finally realize that they're mortal and are going to die, especially when it's a person like you who only sees the cement truck at the last second.

A Timeline Of Upcoming Superhero Movies

Following the massive successes of the Spider-Man, Batman, Avengers, and X-Men franchises, studios Marvel and DC Entertainment have announced as many as 40 upcoming superhero movies to be released over the next six years ...

Sesame Street’s 45th Anniversary: A Look Back

Sesame Street, the long-running PBS children’s television show starring a cast of Jim Henson muppets who teach children basic learning concepts and introduce them to difficult issues, turns 45 this week.

TV Show Under Fire For Depicting Murder

LOS ANGELES—In what is being described as perhaps the most shocking and distasteful moment in broadcast history, the popular primetime television show Criminal Minds is facing heavy criticism today for airing an episode that depicted the act ...
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Coworkers Pull Off Daring One-Hour Lunch Break

TUCSON, AZ—Saying they couldn’t believe such a wild exploit had even been attempted, employees at local marketing firm Synergy Media Services told reporters they were still completely dumbfounded Thursday after account manager Tim Gibbons managed to pull off a daring one-hour lunch break.

Nation Demands Fresh Celebrity Meat

Experts warned there's barely enough carrion to get America's starving masses through the weekend.
Experts warned there's barely enough carrion to get America's starving masses through the weekend.

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Like famished dogs salivating before a warm and steaming carcass, a coalition of bloodthirsty Americans demanded this week that the entertainment industry provide them with newer, fresher celebrities to mercilessly devour.

"Our most sumptuous celebrities have been picked to the bone," a statement by the group, Citizens for Renewed Celebrity Consumption, read in part. "We can no longer subsist vicariously on the travails and public deteriorations of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. These fetid idols are mere shreds of their former selves, and we, the American entertainment consumers, grow ever hungrier for a new crop of stars on which to feast."

"We need meat!" the statement continued. "Raw, bloody meat!"

Calling Shia LaBeouf's substance abuse problems "unsastifying," and the persistent tabloid coverage of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt "a mere morsel, unfit even for a sewer rat," the CRCC claimed that the current batch of celebrities are simply not providing the level of self-immolation necessary to slake the rabid appetites of the American public.

In an extensive outline of their demands, the CRCC called for the immediate coupling of 25 emotionally unstable stars, grainy nude photos of Megan Fox, and a new Disney channel devoted entirely to the creation of teenage singing sensations who can be lured into the debaucherous lifestyle of Los Angeles' most rich and famous.

"The nation very much enjoyed sinking its fangs into the flesh of Jon and Kate plus eight, but we gobbled them up much too quickly, and now require a second course," said CRCC spokeswoman Ellen Jameson, rhythmically sharpening two butcher knives against each other. "Feed us. Feed us now or else."

Across the country, consumers echoed the CRCC's call for new celebrity fodder. At an impromptu rally outside a Chicago-area cinema Tuesday, hundreds of moviegoers waiting in line suddenly began chanting "Meat! Meat! We demand fresh meat!" before overturning several cars and Dumpsters. And in Miami, there were reports of fevered howling around the city last week following the season premier of Grey's Anatomy.

Media experts have been warning for months that American consumers will face starvation if Hollywood does not provide someone for them to put on a pedestal, worship, envy, download sex tapes of, and then topple and completely destroy.

Ideally, ravenous sources said, the new celebrity should be under the age of 6, so that he or she can be slowly and fully devoured, much like what has been called the "perfect storm" of celebrity self-destruction: the life of Michael Jackson.

"Forced into fame by an abusive father, robbed of his childhood by a greedy public, and then ascending to superstar status, acquiring huge sums of money and even greater debt, growing progressively more and more insane, getting indicted for child molestation, and eventually dying of a heart attack brought on by massive doses of half a dozen different prescription drugs, followed by a hypocritical backswing into near deification after his death, Michael Jackson was a most delicious and bountiful feast," Variety writer Janet Cosgrove said. "But now Hollywood executives must throw us even more to eat or, God help us, we will turn on them and tear them apart instead!"

The industry has so far had no shortage of citizens willing to become the American public's next meal.

"Give me fame—I'm willing to do anything," said Los Angeles resident Jenna Sanders, an aspiring singer-actress. "Dress me up in fancy gowns, parade every detail of my personal life before the world, objectify me, drive me to cocaine and lesbianism. I don't care about the consequences as long as I have my moment in the spotlight!"

"Eat me!" she shouted to reporters. "Rip me limb from limb and eat me alive!"

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