Office Manager Very Pleased With New Work Refrigerator Policy

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Fan Of Other Team Booed

CHICAGO—Thirty-two-year-old Sam Weber, who was wearing the color combination and various paraphernalia indicative of his fandom for a team...
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Office Manager Very Pleased With New Work Refrigerator Policy

NEW YORK—Meghan Maguire, 26, office manager for DataSolutions, told reporters Monday that she is very happy with her revamped work refrigerator policy, calling the data-recovery company's previous guidelines "obsolete" and "not conducive to a healthy, productive work environment." "With the old policy, there was zero accountability, no initiative to label personal food items, and no limit on how many pieces of fruit people could refrigerate," said Maguire, who spent the last six weekends drafting the five-page document. "The great thing about this policy is that it doesn't force a completely foreign refrigerating experience down anyone's throat. It's the perfect stepping stone to get to where we want to be two years from now." Maguire said she knew the policy was a success when no one responded to the office-wide e-mail she sent out describing the changes.

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