Reformist Ku Klux Klan Splinter Group Claims Blacks, Jews May Be Partially Human

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Media Stumped On How To Handle Missing Mixed-Race Woman

WASHINGTON—Struggling to find an appropriate response to a delicate situation, members of the American news media admitted Tuesday that they remained stumped on how exactly to handle the case of missing mixed-race woman Alison Johnston.

White Male Privilege Squandered On Job At Best Buy

HAMILTON, OH—Despite being the beneficiary of numerous societal advantages and having faced little to no major adversity throughout his life, local man Travis Benton has spent the last four years squandering his white male privilege on a sales floor...

Alarming Study Finds More Than 12 Instances Of Racism Occurred Last Year

Number Astronomically High For Harmonious,  Postracial 21st-Century America, Researchers Say

NEW YORK—A shocking study released Thursday by sociologists at Columbia University found that more than 12 instances of racism occurred in 2011, suggesting not only that prejudice based on the color of one's skin still exists, but that it remains di...

Good Cop, Bad Cop Both Racist

LOS ANGELES—Despite occupying opposing roles in a good-cop/bad-cop dyad, LAPD officers Frank K. McGrew, 51, and Bob West, 36, have one thing in common: They're both extremely racist, 77th precinct sources reported Monday.

Black Guy Photoshopped In

AMES, IA–In the spirit of celebrating diversity at Iowa State University, a black guy was digitally added to the cover of the school's 2001 spring-semester course catalog, school officials announced Monday.

Black Executive Prominently Displayed

COLUMBUS, OH—Dennis Swann, 41, the sole black executive at Brooks Capital Management, was once again prominently displayed Monday by the Columbus-based investment firm.

White Family Moves To Town

GLENCOE, IL—Shock, outrage and fear were just some of the emotions that failed to sweep through this affluent Chicago suburb Monday, when word got out among residents that a white family had moved to town over the weekend.

Senior-Center Residents Debate New Anchorwoman's Ethnicity For Fifth Straight Evening

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—Ferndale Senior Center residents debated new Channel 27 Action News anchorwoman Sonya Luntz's ethnicity for a fifth straight day Friday, with Edward Bloch, 81, steadfastly holding to his "Mexican" theory and Muriel Simmons, 83, leaning toward Hawaiian or Indian. "If you ask me, she looks Oriental," said Jack McCallum, 79, watching Luntz on the 6 p.m. newscast. "Orientals have that shape to their face—I saw it in the war." Luntz's ethnicity will be put to an official senior-center vote this Thursday.

Colorful Multicultural Mural Celebrates Diverse Lack Of Talent

COLUMBUS, OH—A brightly colored multicultural mural on the side of the Walker Street Community Center has brought together Columbus' many diverse ethnic communities in a celebration of talentless painting. "The young people of this city have given us something we truly can kind of be proud of," City Councilman Terrence Fordham said Monday at the bad mural's dedication ceremony. "These ham-fisted dollops of garish paint and barely recognizable human figures are a joyous tribute to the gorgeous mosaic that is Columbus."

Nazi SS Cemetery Desecrated By Pro-Semitic Graffiti

DARMSTADT, GERMANY–Residents of this quiet Rhineland city awoke Monday to discover that Heinrich Himmler Memorial Cemetery, the final resting place of over 200 Nazi SS Officers who gave their lives for Germany in World War II, had been desecrated during the night with pro-Semitic graffiti.
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Race Relations

The Nightly Show

Reformist Ku Klux Klan Splinter Group Claims Blacks, Jews May Be Partially Human

BIRMINGHAM, AL—For nearly 150 years, the Ku Klux Klan has been steadfast in its commitment to the ideals of its founders. These traditional values—preservation of White cultural heritage, strict adherence to Christian principles, and broad-based coalition-building against the inferior dog-races of Asia and Africa—have served to strengthen the Klan throughout its long and proud history.

Darrell Walker addresses fellow reform-minded Klansmen at a Holly Springs, MS, rally.

But now, these time-honored traditions are under siege.

Though the midnight raids and public hangings are no longer as visible as they once were, the importance of preserving Klan tradition is now greater than ever, as hundreds of loosely associated KKK factions—some official, most not—struggle to preserve a sense of unity in an increasingly divided Aryan Nation.

Today, the Klan's fragile, hard-won cohesion is unraveling, as a splinter group of progress-minded Klansmen is challenging one of the group's most dearly held beliefs: the subhuman, animal status of non-White minorities. This small group of reformers is claiming nothing less than that blacks and Jews may be partially related to human, or White, beings. And that has many in the Klan crying foul.

"It's heresy is what it is," said Clement Dawes, former KKK Grand Wizard and Clarksdale, MS, yam farmer. "Saying that blacks and Jews are half-human, I can't believe it. They may as well be claiming that slavery and lynching are half-wrong."

Critics say the reformers are betraying the teachings of their forefathers. But the reformers say they're only trying to bring the Klan into the modern era.

"New advances in the mapping of the human genome show that there's a strong possibility that blacks and Jews—and perhaps even the wily Chinee—are partially human, sharing some genetic characteristics with Whites," said Reform KKK Grand Exalted Cyclops Darrell Walker, speaking from the splinter group's Birmingham headquarters. "I didn't set out to be a crusader, but we cannot blindly shut out the truth, however disturbing it may be. If we do, we are as bad as the filthy, savage blacks and Jews themselves, for as Jesus said, we have eyes but do not see."

Pastor Fred Knox of Smyrna, GA, Grand Exalted Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, disagreed. "These liberal scum are selling out everything right and true that they profess to believe in," Knox said. "They do not deserve to wear the robes and hoods of a true Klansman. It pains my heart to hear such lies from the mouth of a White man."

Stung by such criticism, Walker and his followers insist they are as committed to virulent race-hate as any God-fearing KKK member. Calling Knox's remarks "lies twisting our words to his own narrow-minded agenda," he said his group's motives are pure.

"Why must they sow the seeds of discord instead of working with us in peace? We all want to drive the niggers back to Africa. We all hate the Jew bankers," Walker said. "We all want the same thing: for the mongrel races to be driven from our shores so that good Christian White folk can live in peace. Is that so wrong?"

But to Walker's enemies, such pleas for tolerance and understanding are merely the slippery, fork-tongued rhetoric of Jew-loving race traitors.

"Oh, the words fall like honey from his lips," said longtime KKK member Anthony Couch of Monroe, LA. "Mr. Walker distorts words like the Jew-run media. Blacks part human—the very idea! What does he expect us to do, half-hate them?"

Some Klansmen say that while Walker's ideas are sound, he is moving too quickly and should aim for more gradual change.

"People need time," said Grand Dragon Joseph Hamm, a noted moderate. "You can't erase deeply held beliefs just like that. He may as well expect the whole Aryan community to magically achieve widespread literacy, presto, overnight."

Yet despite the opposition, Walker's movement is slowly winning support. A growing number of KKK members feel that the organization is too inflexible, and that Klan doctrine is too tradition-bound.

"Of course, minorities should be hunted and persecuted; nobody's saying they shouldn't," KKK member Bob Parrish of Bessemer, AL, said. "But to ignore the truth is to choose to live in ignorance, and White people deserve better than that. These are the '90s. Will we turn against each other in superstition and prejudice? Or will we embrace the future and oppose all non-Whites together as brothers? It's time for a more enlightened hatred."

Will Walker's tiny Reform KKK movement survive the death threats, bomb scares and other attacks from the traditionalists who oppose them? Will it someday achieve its goal of transforming the entire White supremacist movement? Only time will tell.

"I see a day when we will no longer view ourselves as 'reformists' or 'traditionalists,' but simply as Klansmen, united in our mutual hatred of others," Walker said. "I do not know if I will live to see this glorious day, but I do know this: The candle of truth will never be snuffed out by fear, hatred and ignorance. We shall overcome."

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