Startup Very Casual About Dress Code, Benefits

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Cannibal Corpse Blasting From Papal Apartment Window

I-90 adds a lane for drivers traveling cross country to stop a woman from marrying the wrong man, a job applicant totally nails an interview with the person who will make his life a living hell for the next five years, and adjusting several sliders on a r...

NYPD Requiring Cops To Undergo Twitter Training

The New York Post reported that, following a Twitter outreach campaign that backfired horribly, the NYPD is requiring its officers to attend mandatory classes at a local college on how to use Twitter.
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Startup Very Casual About Dress Code, Benefits

AUSTIN, TX—Touting the business’s laid-back, nontraditional corporate culture, Go-Go Maps founder and CEO Mike Hannasch explained to reporters Thursday that his company is pretty casual when it comes to employees’ dress code and benefits. “I’ve always tried to make this a cool, fun place to work, not some stuffy office that’s super uptight about whether you’re wearing a tie or having your 401(k) contributions matched,” said Hannasch, adding that workers are just as free to show up wearing jeans as they are to pay a $6,000 health care deductible on a plan that doesn’t include vision or dental coverage. “I’m not here to create a bunch of arbitrary rules and expectations. My philosophy is, if you can do your job without vacation days or paid maternity leave or while wearing flip-flops, then what difference should it make?” Hannasch went on to say that despite these flexible policies, the company is actually rather rigid about its plans to one day outsource most of its employees’ jobs.

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