Dwight Howard Clearly Doesn’t Know Team’s Name

WASHINGTON—Noting his confused expression and uncertainty while shouting incorrect nicknames throughout the playoff game, sources confirmed Wednesday night that Atlanta Hawks center Dwight Howard clearly does not know his own team’s name.

Man Tries Using Pink 6-Pound Bowling Ball To Great Amusement

WEST ORANGE, NJ—Seemingly knowing full well that the relatively small and light ball was not designed for someone of his size, sources confirmed Tuesday that 25-year-old Darren Foerstner tried using a pink 6-pound bowling ball for one frame, all to the incredible amusement of friends and onlookers at Eagle Rock Lanes bowling alley.

Players To Watch In The Sweet 16

The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has provided thrilling upsets and amazing comebacks in the first two rounds. Onion Sports presents a guide to the 10 players to watch in the Sweet 16.
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Unregistered Horses Meet Under Cover Of Darkness For Kentucky Street Derby

LOUISVILLE, KY—Having trotted to an underpass on the outskirts of the city where they were surrounded by numerous entourages and bikini-clad women, over a dozen unregistered horses reportedly met under the cover of darkness Saturday for an illegal Kentucky Street Derby. “We usually meet here to race because it’s out of the way and there’s 12 furlongs of open road, plus nobody around here gives a shit if the horses make a lot of noise,” a jockey who only went by the name “Two-Crop” told reporters, as various riders made last-minute adjustments to their elaborately decorated, neon-painted saddles and blue LED underbody lights, with several thoroughbreds loudly neighing in anticipation of the race. “There’s no fuckin’ around out here. It’s ten thousand cash to enter the race, winner take all. And if you lose, you might have to hand over your filly to the jockey who beat you.” Just as the contestants were lining up behind the hand-drawn chalk outline of a starting gate, a number of mounted police officers descended on the scene, causing the jockeys to quickly jump on their steeds and gallop away in all different directions.

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