‘What If We Put M&M’s On Top? Would They Eat That?’ Doritos Exec Wonders Out Loud

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Saints vs. Panthers

The Panthers battle the Saints in a game that will certainly come down to one bullshit call. Onion Sports examines what each team must do to win. 

Onion Sports’ NFL Week 14 Picks

OSN shares its expert analysis on the teams that will come away with victory in this weekend’s NFL week 14 games: Texans at Jaguars OSN’s Lock Of The Week: Jaguars – Following a disappointing 27-20 loss, Texans owner...

Inconsiderate Woman On Bus Eating Live Tuna

PORTLAND, ME—Passengers on the No. 5 bus expressed frustration today as an inconsiderate fellow rider began openly consuming her lunch of a live, violently flopping Atlantic bluefin tuna.

8th Grader Caked In Makeup Probably Really Confident

A slow-witted conspiracy theorist is convinced the government is behind NASA, the grisly remains of 15 hobbits is discovered in Peter Jackson's attic, and a cool guy from middle school is still sporting his phat pair of JNCOS.

New Attractive Person Comes To Nation’s Attention

LOS ANGELES—With well-groomed hair, symmetrical facial features, and appealing anatomical proportions, a new attractive person captured the nation’s interest this week, joining the ranks of all others who are considered extremely good-looking ...

Lawsuit Seeks Human Rights For Chimps

Borrowing rhetoric from the anti-slavery movement, a lawsuit filed in New York on behalf of four captive chimpanzees seeks to recognize chimps as legal persons with a limited right to liberty, which would prohibit them from being kept as pets or used in b...
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‘What If We Put M&M’s On Top? Would They Eat That?’ Doritos Exec Wonders Out Loud

PLANO, TX—At a meeting this morning with the snack brand’s research and development department, Frito-Lay Senior Vice President George Legge wondered aloud if people would eat Doritos snack chips with M&M’s on top of them, sources confirmed. “We could glue the M&M’s on with powdered sugar or caramel or something; people would eat that, right?” Legge reportedly asked a roomful of colleagues, adding that “they’ve eaten other stuff like this.” “Or maybe, like, Skittles or something? Or Twizzlers? Would they eat Doritos with Twizzlers on them?” At press time, a confident Legge had concluded that, sure, they would eat that.

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