Amazon Stock Falls In E-Book Dispute

American Voicesbooksbusiness ISSUE 46•05 Feb 3, 2010

After a dispute between Macmillan and Amazon over e-book pricing resulted in the retailer briefly removing all the publishing house's books from its website, shares of Amazon fell around 7 percent. What do you think?

  • “Macmillan's loss. I would have bought Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned for $9.99, but at $12.99, I'm going with NCIS and, for commercial breaks, an old copy of People.”

    Becky Pross –

  • “Publishing house? I thought Stephen Coonts just typed all the books right into Amazon.”

    Rob Wickline –
    Systems Analyst

  • “And then what happened? I just can't get enough of this publishing industry intrigue.”

    Larry Hall –
    Veterinary Assistant

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