Angels Among Us?

American Voices ISSUE 30•10 Oct 16, 1996

A recent poll revealed that 63 percent of Americans believe in the existence of angels. What do you think?

  • “I was touched by an angel—last Saturday, on CBS.”

    Otto Montville –

  • “I believed in angels until I met Mother Teresa—what a bitch.”

    Shannon Colavito –
    Tax Attorney

  • “I believe my mother to be an angel. A perfect angel. I even stapled a little halo onto her head. I keep her in my basement.”

    Cory Hooper –
    Coal Miner

  • “My grandpa is an angel now, and he watches over my sister and brothers and me. Hi, my name is Jeffy, of Family Circus fame, and my creator, Bil Keane, is bat-shit insane.”

    Alan Dwyer –

  • “Innocent schoolgirl by day, high-priced hooker by night... How could you not believe in Angel?”

    Jim Tatum –
    Tuba Player

  • “I thought I saw an angel once, but it was just my husband in a druid's cloak masturbating to organ music.”

    Kathleen Foli –
    Systems Analyst

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