Blockbuster Asks Creditors For Money

American VoicesEconomy ISSUE 47•03 Jan 20, 2011

Faltering video-rental behemoth Blockbuster Inc. is asking its bondholders for $200 to $250 million so it can exit bankruptcy. What do you think?

  • “I'd love to help, but Mrs. Geithner and I already loaned AIG $170 billion, so we're a little short at the moment." ”

    Timothy Geithner –
    U.S. Treasury Secretary

  • “Will they accept mailed-in payments, or do you have to drop it in the return slot?"”

    Kurt Williams –
    Kennel Attendant

  • “Speaking of, have we still not found Harry And The Hendersons? Did anyone look behind the basement couch? This family is the worst."”

    Heather Roberts –
    Dairy Nutrition Consultant

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