Budget Super Committee A Bust

American VoicesEconomycongress ISSUE 47•47 Nov 23, 2011

Tasked with finding $1.2 trillion worth of deficit cuts to be spread over the next 10 years, the budget super committee in Congress announced this week it had failed to reach a compromise. What do you think?

  • “Well, of course they failed; this was a job for a mega task force or even an ultra commission, but not a super committee." ”

    Mary Lance –

  • “Wow, this came out of nowhere." ”

    Marcus Candelara –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Plus, they added an extra $42 billion to the budget to pay for the state-of-the-art Super Committee Secret Fortress they had built inside Roosevelt's head at Mount Rushmore.”

    Don Whitfield –
    Die Finisher

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