California Raises Malt Beverage Tax

American VoicesLocal ISSUE 43•34 Aug 21, 2007

Responding to criticism that liquor companies were targeting underage drinkers, the California legislature voted to raise the taxes on sweetened malt beverages. What do you think?

  • “This is a greatly needed measure. Those kids I buy booze for have been drinking way too much.”

    Carl Munson –
    Bulk Launderer

  • “If the social stigma of holding a bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade or Zima doesn't dissuade kids from drinking, nothing will.”

    Christine Davis –
    Fact Checker

  • “While it's true that liquor companies may be marketing to underage drinkers, it's the legal-age patrons of the Marriott Courtyard who will ultimately suffer.”

    Ruben Thompson –
    Software Installer

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