Calley Apologizes For My Lai Massacre

American VoicesWorldwar ISSUE 45•35 Aug 26, 2009

Lt. William Calley, the only soldier to be held legally accountable for the 1968 massacre at My Lai, Vietnam, apologized in a speech to the Kiwanis Club of Greater Columbus, GA. What do you think?

  • “"Good, now Vietnam has to apologize for beating us."”

    JoBeth Straschnoy –
    Garage Door Hanger

  • “It's about time the Kiwanis Club received some kind of recognition for the atrocities committed against them during the Vietnam War."”

    Dennis Phillips-Sandy –
    Beating-Machine Operator

  • “That's not good enough for me. I won't be satisfied until Calley personally apologizes in front of my local Rotary Club."”

    Thomas Glander –
    Systems Analyst

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