Canadian Immigration Under Fire

American VoicesWorld ISSUE 38•22 Jun 12, 2002

Canada's relatively lax immigration policy has drawn criticism from U.S. leaders, who say the country provides an easy home base for terrorists. What do you think?

  • “I am suddenly very suspicious of my next-door neighbor, Khalid al-McKenzie.”

    Iris Murphy –

  • “As a radical Islamic fundamentalist, I am seriously considering moving to Vancouver. It's sooo gorgeous there.”

    Bill Hrabosky –

  • “My God, we could go to war with Canada over this. I only pray there's an army platoon with the afternoon free.”

    Don Nahorodny –
    Forklift Operator

  • “Why would terrorists need to go through Canada to get to the U.S.? It's not like the FBI would catch them if they came straight here.”

    Louis Chambliss –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Canada needs to start doing a better job of racial-profiling non-Inuits.”

    Michael Horner –
    Civic Planner

  • “See, I told you socialized medicine doesn't work.”

    Penny Niekro –

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