CBGB's Closes Down

American VoicesEntertainmentmusic ISSUE 42•41 Oct 16, 2006

After 33 years hosting punk shows, legendary club CBGB's closed its doors on Sunday. What do you think?

  • “The music may be gone, but the historic stench of urine will permeate the site for generations to come.””

    Gwen Macey –
    Armored-Truck Driver

  • “When I think of the bands I saw there—The Dictators, Blondie, Suicide—I can't help but think, ‘time for a prostate exam.’””

    Jerry Osbourne –
    Systems Analyst

  • “It makes me sad that the ghosts of The Ramones will be forced to haunt a Pizzeria Uno.”

    Keith Thompson –
    Maintenance Worker

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