Chemical And Biological Weapons

American Voicespatriotism ISSUE 37•36 Oct 10, 2001

Many Americans fear that terrorists may one day strike the U.S. with chemical and biological weapons. What do you think about the prospect?

  • “It's certainly frightening to consider, but I take comfort in the fact that it can't happen to me.
    It can't happen to me.
    It can't happen to me.
    It can't happen...”

    Donna McKechnie –

  • “I'm not breathing any air until I've seen somebody else breathe it first.”

    Christopher King –
    Systems Analyst

  • “This is the plague The Bible done talked about.”

    Dan Desmond –

  • “Speaking of which, don't go in the bathroom for a while. I just dropped a toxic payload of catastrophic size in there, man.”

    Jordan Ryback –

  • “Let's not take any chances—we should arrest and detain The Chemical Brothers immediately.”

    Fran Lake –

  • “I bought a gas mask for protection. I also bought an anthrax vaccine, a safety suit, and a hermetically sealed house that I never leave.”

    Michael Cuyler –

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