SIOUX FALLS, SD—Jenny Hoyer, 7, spent all Sunday afternoon playing to the point of exhaustion in the swimming pool of the Highway 90 BestInn, cheerfully ignorant of the pool's ignominious history. "Aw, man! I swallowed some water!" said Hoyer, who would most likely have vomited had she known about the pool's 165 instances of fecal elimination, 34 instances of intercourse, or three instances of guests' bodies found drowned and decomposing. "Tastes awful, like bleach. And really salty," she added. Hoyer's parents were also blissfully unaware of their daughter's involvement with the storied pool, because they were otherwise occupied in the same bed in which the Sioux Falls Ripper bound, gagged, and butchered three Cub Scouts in 1998.