Clinton: Part 2

American VoicesPolitics ISSUE 30•13 Nov 5, 1996

As America stands on the brink of the second half of the Bill Clinton Era, what are your thoughts?

  • “Now that Clinton has been re-elected, we as a nation will get to find out if Chelsea blossoms into a beautiful piece of ass.”

    Ned Branforth –

  • “Under Clinton's leadership, I hope to advance to the soft-serve machine.”

    Wally Givens –
    Chemical Engineer

  • “Whatever happens in the next four years, it can't possibly be worse than it was under that clown Clinton.”

    Alyson Blum –
    Oboe Player

  • “Now that Clinton is in the White House, I look forward to four years of health care reform, gays in the military and, at last, renewed racial harmony. Go Clinton!”

    Eileen Putnam –
    Systems Analyst

  • “You never know what tomorrow will bring, so you just have to put on a smile, keep your chin to the wind and hide your heroin in a balloon in your butthole.”

    Ed Vallely –

  • “I only hope that Clinton remembers the children.”

    Jorge Bellson –

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