Coffee Counteracts Alcohol

American Voiceshealthdiseasedrugs ISSUE 42•26 Jun 28, 2006

A study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine demonstrates that drinking coffee can offset the detrimental effects of alcohol on the liver. What do you think?

  • “Who needs coffee when you have a family full of sober organ-donors?”

    Alexandra Ledoux –
    Systems Analyst

  • “Why all the hubbub? Isn't the liver just a useless old organ at the end of the intestines? Oh, that's the appendix. Can coffee offset the effects of alcohol on the appendix?”

    Jason Zellar –
    Laser Printer Technician

  • “Typical scientists, always giving us useless, abstract information. Where's the chart showing the proper cappuccino-to-Jaeger ratio?”

    Christopher Martin –
    Youth Pastor

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