Colorado Football Under Fire

In a growing scandal, several women have charged that they were raped by football players at the University of Colorado. What do you think?

  • “This is going to negatively affect the entire Colorado athletic department. I wish people would think before they let the rap”

    Pamela King –

  • “See? See? One breast is flashed at a football game and the whole sport goes into the gutter.”

    Eric Scott –
    AV Technician

  • “This is what happens when you tell people to give 110 percent.”

    Anna Baker –
    Bill Collector

  • “As an athlete, all I can say is that all this sex talk is making me want to go rape someone.”

    Anthony Benkes –

  • “I heard that some Colorado Buffaloes raped some women and was absolutely horrified. But it turned out it's the name of their f”

    Joshua Hall –
    Systems Analyst

  • “What happened to the good old days of college football, when you never heard about things like this happening, even though the”

    Gregory Carter –

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