Conan’s 'Tonight' Debut

Former Late Night host Conan O'Brien took over helming duties of the venerable Tonight Show from Jay Leno last night. What do you think?

  • “I'm not allowed to stay up to watch The Tonight Show. Yes, my parents are dead now, but I felt obligated to continue the tradition."”

    Ritchie Scharffenburger –
    Automotive Undercoater

  • “I'm happy about the potential of seeing a Masturbating Bear segment following a George Gobel clip on the Tonight Show 60th Anniversary special."”

    Debbie Kaufman –
    Nitroglycerine Distributor

  • “Wait, who are they going to get to replace Conan on Late Night then?"”

    Jake Weingarten –
    Gear-Coding Machine Operator

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