Conservatives Rule Canada

American Voices ISSUE 42•04 Jan 26, 2006

Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party ousted Liberal Party incumbent Paul Martin in general elections. What do you think?

  • “If the Republicans win in '08, I guess I'll be moving to Mexico.”

    Jesse Robins –
    Forge Operator

  • “As a Montrealer, I hope that our new prime minister relaxes the harsh mandatory English-French bilingualism requirements. En tant que Canadien, j'espère que notre nouveau premier ministre détend les conditions anglo-français obligatoires de bilinguisme.”

    Roger Gastineau –
    Helicopter Technician

  • “Once again, those losers in Canada are years behind us. Hey, assholes, Ugg boots are out, just so you know.”

    Lauren Hale –

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