Consumption Tax Proposed

American VoicesPoliticsmoneyfinance ISSUE 41•10 Mar 9, 2005

Last week, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said a consumption tax, such as a national sales tax, could benefit the nation's economy. What do you think?

  • “This tax would unfairly penalize people whose televisions aren't as large as they'd like." ”

    Timothy Potts –
    Systems Analyst

  • “So, does this mean that, in the future, if I don't want law and order to utterly collapse, I'll have to buy at least five things a day?”

    Lola Stein –

  • “I'd been wondering if my daily ramen-noodles consumption could somehow be turned into a revenue stream for the federal government.”

    Jarrod Ray –
    Police Officer

  • “That damn Kerry! Even though he didn't get elected, he's somehow managed to sneak his insidious liberal tax-raising agenda onto us anyway!”

    Connie Crane –

  • “As a man with a massive income that I only spend on necessities, this sounds like an ideal plan.”

    Corey Bernard –

  • “We tried an income-based tax for nearly a century and look what it brought us: greater economic stability and government accountability. Clearly, we must explore other options.”

    Adrian Sears –
    Short Order Cook

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